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MoveUP Michigan is brought to you by the team of S.M.A.R.T. Mortgage Specialists at Guild Mortgage Grand Rapids. In partnership with WZZM 13, Jonathan Arnold shares his tips for bullet-proofing your buying process to win the bid on your dream home. In this edition, we explore the abyss of Credit – the dos, the don’ts and the best bets!

Key Takeaways on Credit with Jonathan Arnold

• Online Scores Aren’t Accurate for Lending
• Early Credit Strategies Pay Dividends
• Every Circumstance Needs a Different Approach
• A Poor Credit Score Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Own

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Top 3 Credit Misconceptions

You are not alone if you have been putting off having your credit reviewed for the purposes of getting a mortgage.  There are so many things that run through people’s heads.  They want to pay off all their debt, close accounts, try to quickly build credit and their intentions are in the right place, BUT it can all backfire.  Credit is complex and everyone’s situation is completely different.

If you are even starting to think about purchasing a home, having your credit reviewed by a professional is absolutely the first step in the process.  A mortgage lender can offer you not only a review but also guidance on anything that could improve your unique situation.  Do you have these misconceptions?

  • Credit Misconception #1– I Know My Credit Scores
  • Credit Misconception #2– My Credit Scores will go Down if my Credit is Pulled
  • Credit Misconception #3– I Need to Pay Down/Off My Debts

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Want to see what you would qualify for?

Guide: Understanding Credit Scores & The Impact on Your Mortgage

This in-depth guide describes two very different real-world scenarios and the unique solutions in each case. It also unpacks everything you need to know about how credit works in mortgage lending. Learn:

  • How lenders weight your credit score
  • The impact of credit scores on your mortgage rate
  • What scores are needed for each mortgage type
  • The impact of student loans, foreclosures and liens on mortgages and more.

Get the score on scores and download this guide!

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