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Success Stories

At Intlanta, we love being Michigan Mortgage Superheros. We love it when things go right, so we work hard to make that YOUR loan story. Here are a few examples of ways we’ve gone above and beyond for our clients to get them closed.


Welcome to Mr. Good Burger. can I take your order?

This scenario starts with a client that found us online through social media. The client had very high scores, a great job, and income, however, had been denied by multiple banks and credit unions locally. She had owned a home which was busting at the seams and was looking for more space and land for a growing family. She had made it as far as selling her home on her own yet couldn’t find a way to get approved. She happened to be purchasing her next home from a family member (who was growing very impatient) and the deal was going to fall apart if she wasn’t able to get financing for it. This was a textbook, what the heck were these banks thinking kind of deal. She had 65k in proceeds and told everyone she had applied w/ that she was going to use all of her proceeds as a down payment. The problem was she had a lot of consumer debt coupled with the fact that unfortunately bankers are trained to take orders not think objectively. Within a very short time, we were able to redirect her funds to pay off all of her consumer debt by reducing her down payment in doing this we put her in a shorter term than what she was originally planning on and increased her monthly cash flow. This was a big win particularly because of the underlying family riffs that were starting to result in her inability to find financing. Luckily we were able to help keep the peace, manage expectations, and help this family navigate through a for sale by owner sale and purchase and help this client achieve her goal!


Divorced and Disabled

This story involves a divorced family with some very unique circumstances. This was a referral from the client’s sister who we had helped in the past. The issue was a divorce decree that required the marital home be sold. This was a problem considering our client didn’t want to sell the home and wanted to remain in the residence however due to some bizarre extenuating circumstance resulting from an accident that rendered her ex-husband disabled. She was unable to renegotiate the decree due to the extent of his injuries and was at an impasse. Through a lot of time, effort and communication with the ex’s family, a ton of free legal sources provided by our title partnerships, and the sheer will of our superhero Billie we were able to come to an agreement with the family of our client’s ex-husband that allowed her to keep the home and satisfy the ex-husband’s financial needs


Tales from Overseas aka Shanghai Surprise

This tale involves a referral that came from a friend of a friend who we helped relocate from Chicago to GR. We connected him with an agent that helped him purchase a home sight unseen and helped him navigate a very smooth purchase transaction. He felt so confident in our abilities that he referred his in-laws to us. This was a complicated deal, to say the least. His in-laws had lived in Shang Hi “full time” for the last 3 years working full time for an American company that paid them 50% in American currency and 50% in Yen. They were purchasing a primary residence in the states. The complications on this deal ranged from obtaining a valid credit report, communicating with clients that are on opposite time zones literally half a world away, dealing with set travel schedules that had no flexibilities, foreign embassy’s that were half a world away had crazy security measures…This deal was a tough one for many reasons and in fact due to all of our challenges it looked like we weren’t going to make our closing deadline which btw there was virtually no wiggle room on as the seller had threatened to take the deal off of the table. With true trust and confidence in Superhero Stephanie, the clients took our word that we could close a refi immediately after the purchase and they ended up pulling from an IRA that had to be replenished in 60 days to avoid tax and penalty. We just closed on their refi and all took a very large sigh of relief!!!!


Our Hopeless Romantic

Everybody wants to find their somebody but unfortunately for this newly established medical professional his somebody decided to rack up an exorbitant amount of credit card debt that he was unaware of that wasn’t paid on time. When we first pulled credit on this client he had low 560 scores and was shocked to find out that he had 30k in credit card debt. Due to superhero Billie’s credit savviness within 2 weeks we were able to strategically payoff, paydown, get current the accounts that needed adjustment in order to help the client rescore his credit and qualify with a 620 credit score. Keep in mind this client had no clue his credit scores were that low and actually came to us w/ an accepted PA. We still closed him on time and didn’t even require an extension on his PA.

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