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10 Step Guide to the Mortgage Process

Your roadmap to a new mortgage

If you’re considering buying a new home in Grand Rapids, from the outset the whole mortgage process can look a tad confusing. Inlanta Mortgage is here to help with this handy guide detailing 10 key stops on your road to a new home, starting with pre-approvals all the way to close.

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#1: Get Pre-Approved

Submit your application and the documents needed to verify income, assets, and debts, including thirty days of recent paystubs, last two years of W-2s & two recent bank statements.

#2: Home Search & Offer

Your Realtor will help you find the perfect home. Once you’ve found your new home, your Realtor will show you comparable properties to determine the amount you want to offer.

#3: Purchase Agreement

Your Realtor will write up the contract for you and the seller to sign. A deposit is generally required. This agreement will outline all of the required dates, deadlines, and contingencies.

#4: Home Inspection

If the offer is accepted, a home inspection is next. Home inspections are not required but highly recommended. A home inspector will look for any issues or violations with the property.

#5: Applications & Disclosures

You will need to review and sign a number of documents, including your mortgage application and a Loan Estimate, which details the estimated costs of financing.

#6: Appraisal & Title

An appraisal (an estimate of property value) will be ordered to justify the purchase price. Also, a title company will be selected to research the property title.

#7: Homeowners Insurance

Proof of insurance and your first year’s premium paid in full are required prior to closing. We will contact your insurance agent for the invoice and verification of the amount of coverage.

#8: Final Approval

Underwriting will review all of the documentation n ecessary to approve your mortgage loan. Additional verifications may be necessary at this point. If all the documentation is acceptable, you will be clear to close!

#9: Closing Disclosure

You will get a final break down of all costs and money required at least 3 days before closing. At time of closing, you will need a government issued identification, as well as a cashier’s check or wire transferred funds for your closing costs.

#10: Your Loan Closing

It’s closing time! Did you bring your identification? Do you have a certified check to cover closing costs? During the closing, a representative from the title company will review all the loan documents with you. They will get signatures from both you and the seller. After all money is disbursed, the deed will then be recorded with you as the new owner of record!

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