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Homeowners insurance is too often overlooked.  It is put in place when a home is purchased and not re-evaluated by the homeowner for years.

What we know about homeowners insurance:

Many things should be considered when choosing an insurance company, from coverage options to discounts to most importantly customer service. The key is to find the company that best fits your current situation. Multiple variables are considered when quoting a homeowners insurance policy and they change over time.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of insurance agents throughout the state of Michigan. Through that time we have built lasting relationships with both large and small, captive agencies as well as insurance brokers that we know will take the best care of our clients.

When should you get a homeowners insurance quote?

When purchasing a new home it is best to get an insurance quote immediately in the mortgage process. If you already have a home or renter’s policy we suggest you get a quote from that agent as well as at least one other agency to ensure you know all your options as policy amounts can vary drastically at times. If you do not a home or renter’s policy we suggest you get a quote from your car insurance agent if possible as well as at least one additional quote.

When refinancing your home there is no better time to make sure you have the best insurance policy available to you. Have your current agent check your policy for any needed adjustments and get at least one additional quote.

Annually when you receive your policy it is a great time to check-in with your current agent for a review and get an additional quote every few years to be sure you still have the best policy.

Additional Notes:

  • The cheapest homeowners policy is not necessarily the best
  • Ensuring you are properly covered is most important
  • Having a specific agent or team to directly contact is key

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