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“The greatest asset a lender can bring to the table is a dedication to examine all available strategies to help the clients win: not just to make the deal, but to also strengthen their financial future while meeting their most closely held priorities.”

Ten Ways to Think Outside The Bank – Part 3

You’re on your way to triumphing in the unprecedented and wily West Michigan real estate market. In part one, you’ve begun with the end in mind and examined your priorities. In part two, you’ve taken stock of your assets and liabilities. Now you’re ready to think outside the bank.

Like any financial blackbelt-in-training, you’re going to study up on the possible moves for a winning strike – preferably with the good guidance of a Sherpa. Then you’re going to get your pre-approval and get ready to shop. Strategy comes before gains.

“The greatest asset a lender can bring to the table is a dedication to examine all available strategies to help the clients win: not just to make the deal, but to also strengthen their financial future while meeting their most closely held priorities,” said Jonathan Arnold, Manager of Guild Mortgage Inlanta Ada.

“It’s why we get up in the morning.”

Arnold and his team have helped many clients find their way through a myriad of different scenarios to make the smartest money moves. While the tools used include a wide range of federally-backed mortgage products, the art is pairing the product to the individual and the strategy.

Winning Moves

Here’s a sample of scenarios to explore, depending on where you’re at, and where you’re going.

  • The Overlord-Underlord Move – According to NAR, the average return on rental properties is 15%, almost double the average stock market return. Whether you want to be hands-on or hands-off becoming a landlord could be the perfect way to diversify your portfolio.
  • The Sensei Downsizer Move – Starting to consider main floor living for yourself or a loved one? Aging in place could dramatically improve one’s quality of life and also preserve wealth.
  • The Savvy Fixer Upper Move – Want to convert that Brady Bunch home into the Chip and Joan showpiece? Learn the laws of leverage.
  • The Getaway-Homefree Move – Looking for your home away from home? Learn all the ins and outs on leveraging your existing equity, investments and other assets to make memories that last a lifetime
    Wo/Man of Many Mortgages – 1-2-3….10?! Looking to push the limits of your portfolio? Learn the “castle” moves to financing multiple properties.
  • The PMI Move –Are you trying to avoid PMI, but want to put less money down and more into updates and improvements? Our strategy shows you how to have your cake and eat it too.
  • The Jumbo Move – This isn’t your grandparents’ jumbo mortgage environment. Learn how modern jumbo mortgages have increased loan amounts allow for higher LTV’s and now come with lower fixed rates!

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