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Our Hopeless Romantic

December 5th, 2016 by Inlanta Staff

Everybody wants to find their somebody but unfortunately for this newly established medical professional his somebody decided to rack up an exorbitant amount of credit card debt that he was unaware of that wasn’t paid on time. When we first pulled credit on this client he had low 560 scores and was shocked to find out that he had 30k in credit card debt. Due to superhero Billie’s credit savviness within 2 weeks we were able to strategically payoff, paydown, get current the accounts that needed adjustment in order to help the client rescore his credit and qualify with a 620 credit score. Keep in mind this client had no clue his credit scores were that low and actually came to us w/ an accepted PA. We still closed him on time and didn’t even require an extension on his PA.

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