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Time to Get a College Town Rental

August 13th, 2021 by Inlanta Staff

With summer coming to an end, it means “back to school” for millions of college students across the country.

Packing up to move into campus housing is often expensive and not necessarily homey. It also means investing in housing that’s not tax-deductible, nor does it create any long-term equity or income potential.

For parents with college-bound students, or even investors looking for their next property, this is an ample opportunity to purchase a rental property near a college campus.

Buying a property near a college or university is an excellent investment when you consider:

  • If you have a student of your own, you can offset the exorbitant college cost of campus housing and build equity, especially if they share the home with roommates.
  • You may choose to co-sign for a home your student will live in, assisting them in building their credit and equity early in life.
  • After your student graduates, you’ll continue to have a strong pool of student renters looking for housing in that area, creating potential long-term income.

A college rental is an ideal way to diversify your portfolio with a consistent, high-demand tenant pool.

Let’s explore your options today.

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